Thank you to everyone that applied! We have selected our members for the 2019 Azores Photo Course. If you weren’t accepted this time, we hope that you’ll apply for the next one. :)

If you are interested in future trips/courses, please check back regularly & follow @thechrishau & @lizziepeirce on Instagram to see when the next course will be released.


One payment of €2,699 /person (approx. $3,033.91 USD)


Two payments of €1,349.50 /person (approx. $1,516.95 USD)


May 6 - 10, 2019

(5 days 6 nights)


A 5 day 6 night trip to the Azores, Portugal - with in class and practical photography insights from Chris Hau & Lizzie Peirce.

In the heart of Ponta Delgada, you will be staying at a 5 star hotel with the city at your doorstep. The ideal combination of a vacation and course, you’ll be taken on daily excursions including whale watching, boat trip to Ilheu Island, a tour of Furnas (a town built on a volcano), walking photography tour of Ponta Delgada, and dinner at the top restaurant in Ponta Delgada (The best meal you will ever have… at least Chris and Lizzie think so).

To get down to business, there will be several in class lectures/tutorials AND you’ll be offered a half-hour, one on one session with Chris and Lizzie to get personalized advice on anything and everything photography related.

You will also be given entry into an exclusive Facebook group with the trip members and Chris & Lizzie for life! Ask questions, post your most recent pics, and most importantly - keep in touch with your new friends. :)

Jump on the opportunity to be apart of the FIRST photo tour with Chris and Lizzie!

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10 applicants will be offered to join this course! Applications close March 23. Confirmations of acceptance and trip attendance will be sent out March 30th.


*In case you’re wondering, why the heck is there an application process? Well, it’s pretty simple. Hand selecting the trip members helps us to ensure that we’re travelling with a kick a$$ group of people, all at a similar experience level, with similar objectives for this trip. This helps us vet out anyone that isn’t serious about taking their skill set or career to the next level. We want this trip to be the best fit for YOU!



  • You will walk away with at least one piece of information, that will either help make you money, help you transition into a full time creator, or improve your photography skill set. The financial gains from that one tip will not only pay back what you’ve spent on this course, but will reward you for a lifetime.

  • Exclusive information and trade secrets on how to pitch yourself to brands and build a photography company from two people who are actually doing it!

  • We’ve been to the Azores three times - this is our favourite place on the planet. We have hand selected the best locations, restaurants and guides. Trust us, we know what’s up when it comes to doing the Azores up right!

  • I doubt you’ve been to the Azores, and don’t get us started on the reasons why you should make time to travel in your life. ;)

  • Guaranteed you will walk away with amazing memories, photos and new friends who share the same passion as you.

  • Our hope is by the end of the trip not only will be friends on social media but long lasting friends for life!



Often referred to as Europe's “Best Kept Secret”, the Azores have become an increasingly popular destination with year-round appeal for travelers.

The Azores are Neverland in the Atlantic Ocean—a cluster of nine idyllic islands far off the coast of Portugal and an off-the-beaten path destination.

With breathtaking unspoiled landscapes, exotic flora, pulsating volcanic activity, and a myriad of dazzling sights at every corner, the Azores are the must-visit exotic destination of Europe.

Located just 1,000 miles off the coast of Europe, the Azores offer incredibly diverse and stunning terrain-- mountains, lush botanical gardens, beaches, hot springs and more, and is a respite for Americans seeking adventure, diversity, culture and a short flight from the East Coast (just 3 hours 55 minutes from Boston, with additional direct access from Oakland, California).

Like Iceland, which quickly became a favorite stopover en route to Europe for tourists seeking gorgeous landscapes, the Azores rivals for its convenience, Instagram-enviable landscapes and bucket-list pursuits.



Arrival day (May 5th)

Day 1 (May 6th)

- Group Breakfast at Hotel: Get to know each other and grind past that jet lag!

- 1-2 Hour in class session

- Ponta Delgada on Foot

- One on one sessions for two trip members

Day 2 (May 7th)

- 1-2 Hour in class session

- Tour/Experience in Furnas

- One on one sessions for two trip members

Day 3 (May 8th)

- 1-2 Hour in class session

- Day trip to Sete Cidades

- One on one sessions for two trip members

Day 4 (May 9th)

- Whale Watching + Boat trip to Ilheu

- Evening one on one sessions for two trip members

Day 5 (May 10th)

- 1-2 Hour in class session

- Lagoa de Fogo

- Farm Tour & Farewell Dinner @ Quinta dos Sabores (Best restaurant on the Island - a meal you’ll never forget)

- One on one sessions for two trip members

Fly out (May 11th)

*Chris and Lizzie will be available to suggest Dinner options no matter what your price range. It’s up to you where to go, what to explore in the evenings, or whether you want to edit it up back at the hotel. :)

*Once applicants are selected, we begin to tailor the in class sessions to the applicants needs! We let you choose what you want to learn!

*Activities may be moved to different days depending on weather.



  • This would include a 6 night 5 day stay at either the Grand Hotel Acores Atlantico or the Azor Hotel, both 5-star and located in downtown Ponta Delgada

  • Transfers,Transportation

  • Whale Watching + Boat trip to Ilheu

  • Walking Photo Tour Day in Ponta Delgada

  • Day Trip to Sete Cidades

  • Tour/Experience in Furnas

  • Lagoa de Fogo

  • Farm Tour & Dinner @ Quinta dos Sabores

  • Breakfast at hotel, daily lunch, and 1 Dinner in the hotel

  • Photography, business & social media knowledge from Chris & Lizzie

  • 1 x half-hour, one on one consultation with Chris and Lizzie about a subject of your choice e.g. Technical help, business, branding, etc.

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group with all trip members & Chris x Lizzie

  • A trip you’ll never forget :)


  • Airfare to/from Ponta Delgada

  • All Dinners except our group dinner on the last night of the trip :)

  • Water, Alcohol, snacks (please purchase your own and/or bring a water bottle!)

  • Travel Insurance (Manditory)

  • Any other activities that are not included in the below itinerary.

  • Special Considerations: If you have any dietary restrictions (i.e. meat, dairy, or gluten) please consider that the Azores is an Island with a traditionally heavy meat and dairy diet. There are food options for you, however we have found that there isn’t a wide variety. Please consider this when applying for this trip. If you have any specific questions, please note this in your application.

  • A positive attitude and a willingness to learn! We’re all on this trip for the same reason and no one is any better than anyone else because of how great their photos are or aren’t. We should all be ready to help others to grow and have a good time!



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